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 ColorLight Fullcolor LED Control System

ColorLight is a high-tech company devoted to the development and marketing of LED display control system. The company has a complete and independent intellectual property rights, as well as a number of core technologies.

ColorLight take the responsibility of serving LED card manufacturers and engineering. Through the efforts of all employees, we have introduced T9 Gigabit NIC, led sending card, A8 dual-mode intelligent switching systems, 5A arbitrary module system, and high-end products of the Q series. Contribute to the industry, as well as expand our own. Our innovative products become the objects imitated and learned by peers.

ColorLight have the best and the largest number of R & D team in the industry to safeguard the smooth progress of the product.It keep a close cooperation with experts from Tsinghua University and other universities. and have applied for a number of software copyright and patent applications.

ColorLight have set up development and marketing center in Beijing, Shenzhen, and set up a production center in Shenzhen. We develop products in the best laboratory of the led control card industry, and guarantee the quality with a standardized production. We are proud of the success of the customer. Better serve customers, and strive to achieve win-win!

ColorLight main products include:

5A LED Receiving Card
Synchronous LED Sender
HD LED Sender Box

 C&Light (ColorLight) LED Card Manuals

Software Software User Manual
LEDShowT9_11.30 LEDShowT9 User manual
Product Specification Operating Manual
Product Specification-5A RA5 series card setup steps
Product Specification-5A-75 Operation of Multifunction card M9
Product Specification-5A-F ST7 Sending Box Setup Steps
Product Specification-5A-Pro ST8 Sending box Setup Steps
Product Specification-T7
Product Specification-Q7

5A LED Receiving Card

5a led card

• Superior display quality: high refresh rate, high color depth, and high brightness with the conventional chips.
• Supports all types of display module of the mainstream products (5A means any row, any column, any scan, any chips, and any shape).
• The use of more advanced algorithms, so that the receiving card to maximize the use of resources in order to improve display quality.
• Supports for high-precision pixel-by- pixel calibration in the Brightness and the chromaticity.
• Support for large area display.
• Professional design and strict testing to ensure high quality and reliable.
• Supports all conventional sending card of ColorLight, such as T7 sending card,Q7 HD transmitter, Gigabit NIC, DMB, etc.

Synchronous LED Sender-T7 LED Sending Card

t7 led sending card

T7 led sending card, compared with other sending cards on the market currently, adopts a better power supply solution, and has better reliability. T7 supports DVI video input, the maximum input resolution of 2048 * 1365 pixels. Two Ethernet port outputs can be set random area of the screen, and control different LED displays. T7 also supports audio inputs, which is used to transmit the audio to the Multifunction LED Card, so that the audio can be output on the side of the led display screen

• Full-color sending card, support full-color, Dual-color and Single color displays.
• Single card supports a maximum resolution of 2048 * 1365 pixels, such as 1920*1080, 1920*640, 1600*768, 1280*1024, 1280*720, 1024*768, etc.
• Two Gigabit Ethernet ports output. Each port can control an area within 655360 pixels.
• Single card supports LED display with any resolutions that the total quantity of pixels is less than 1310720 pixels, e.g. 1280*1024, the width up to 2048 pixels, or the height up to 1365 pixels.
• Supports audio input.
• USB interface for controlling and configuring.
• Supports standard network transmission equipment, such as Fiber Converter, Gigabit Switch.
• 3.8-12V supply voltage, much more adaptable and more stable.

HD LED Sender Box

hd led sender q7

Q7 HD Sender is specially designed for large LED displays. Q7 supports DVI and HDMI video input, the maximum input resolution of 2560 * 1536 pixels, and contains four Ethernet port outputs. So that a single Q7 can support the large LED Screen with any resolutions that the total quantity of pixels is less than 2621440 pixels, e.g. 2560*1024, the width up to 2560 pixels, or the height up to 1536 pixels. Q7 also supports audio inputs, which is used to transmit the audio to the Multifunction Card, so that the audio can be output on the side of the display. Meanwhile, Q7 also has many useful functions, such as playing the default image on display when there is no signal, on-board test function, on-board temperature detection function, etc.