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 3G LED Control Card for the Fullcolor LED Display Screen

Instructions of 3G signal


Frequency band supported







Hardware for 3G LED Control System Solution:

1. A-series controller (A10, A20 and A31)

2.2G/3G SIM card

LED Software:

1. Xixun LedEditorV9 (LATEST VERSION on Download Center  )

2. LedSet2.0 software (Xixun LED)

3. User name: this is xixun’s work; we will apply a user name for each customer 

Default password is 888. 

Systematic principle:

1.Controller gets access to internet via ADSL, wireless 3G or GPRS.
2.Customer PC accessing to internet could control his cards in remote places.
3.Led data server center works as a hub, exchanging information of controller and LED editor.
4.Data trends: LEDEditor sending data to LED data server center, server will transfer data to led card. After receiving data, led controller will send a respond message to led data server center. Finally, led data center feeback this respond message to LED Editor.

Connection diagram:

3g led control solution

Operations in simple words:

1. In hardware setup, needs to set master name
2. In software setup, needs to login user name and password
3. After login, could check led controllers belonging to the user name and their current status. 
4. Checking status or sending messages and so on. 

Setup steps:

Step1, connect led card with PC via LAN then running led editor and check led controller IP address. 
Click on Options hardware setup, password is 888. 

3g led card setup

Here, need to press Send button two times, please see the pictures.
1.IP address: controller IP address and Default gateway in the same network segment.
For example: here ----controller IP
          Both of them in the 0 network segment
2. Send the server domain name
3. Send the master name

If the software could not recognize the APN automatically then need to press F7 key and select by manual. Customer needs to get the correct APN, user and password information. See picture in below:

3g led software setup

Step2, plug 3G or 2G SIM card into the led controller and make the led controller getting access to internet.When accessing to internet, NET and INTERNET lights on controller will always on. See picture in below:

3g led card a31

Step3, after that, please click on Options and choose Software setup,Choose the Server transfer and press OK.

led editor setup

Step4, click on Send to Led Sign button and then login user name and password.

lededitor 3g setup

Step5, choose the led card and send program.

3g led software setup

Customers who want to build their own server, please contact technicians or send email to leddisplays@hotmail.com. Xixun Company will help you via remote way.