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 Dawning DS802 LED Sending Card,D802 LED Receiving Card

Dawning LED Card are specialized in R&D, manufacture and marketing of embedded software and hardware which is applied in LED photoelectric display, lighting etc. Our own R&D produced fullcolor led control system has been widely used in stage background, industrial and mining enterprises, station and dock, large square, city traffic and other places that create considerable social and economic benefits.

With more and more LED screen widely used, ‘blurry screen’, ‘dirty screen’ such ‘can’t calibrate’ problems has become a bottleneck that directly reduce LED screen working life and increase practice cost as well as restrict the development of LED industry. With 3 years unremitting effort, Dawning successfully developed ‘luminance and chrominance correction system’. The led card ‘Online full-color LED screen luminance correction and color gamut optimization method’ has obtained national invention patent which can make 14bit pixel correction for LED chips luminance and wavelength attenuation. This has filled a blank of internal market and will completely improve current LED display screen effect as well as promote our production export capability.

All LED Controller comply with ROHS,CE,FCC certification. The correction function of Dalian Dawning R&D control system is a core technology in LED application. In LED planar display, luminance and color gamut double targets correction at present is an unsolved technology difficulty in domestic.


Dawning LED Control Card Including:

Synchronous led sending card DS802
Synchronous led receiving card D802
Synchronous led receiving card D803
Multi-function led card DM806
HD Network Player NMTP-3501

Model: DS802 LED Sending Card

Function and features:

1. Control oversize LED screen. Single network interface supports 1024*768 pixels, while double network interfaces support max pixels to 1600*1024. Synchronization control of four sending cards is also supported.
2. Detecting information such as humidity, brightness, fog and smoke will be returned to host computer, thus switch of display screen, fan and air-conditioner can be controlled.
3. Can be connected with the video processor via DVI port.


ds802 led card

Model: D802 LED Receiving Card

Function and features:

1. Pixel brightness and chrominance correction on true 14bit and correction area is the control area.
2. Maximum control of single card on scan mode is 256*64 pixels. Maximum cascade is 256.
3.High refresh frequency, max frequency can be 2500HZ in 8192 and 1/8 scan mode.
4. Supporting redundancy dot insertion and control kinds of special scale size LED screens.
5. Dynamic adjustment of row and column control is supported. Increase column control by decreasing row control.
6. Support virtual static screen, static screen and 1/2 to 1/16 any scan mode.
7. Support button test with test of white, black, red, green and blue, and left and right oblique line test, without control of LED player.
8. Realize to control the switch of led display screen, fan and air-conditioner; monitor and display humiture and smoke; detect and display brightness; control brightness.
9. Support super long distance transmission, guarantee distance 140m. Temperature range: -30C-60C.
10. Sending card matches with receiving card or gigabit network card matches with led receiving card, any option is available as per needed.
11. Completely new software structure can highly promote display effect and stability, and also makes the function more diversified.


d802 led card

Model: D803 LED Receiving Card

Function and features:

1.Support 14-bit brightness and chrominance correction, correcting size is load size.
2.Single card 1/8 scan maximum load is 512 * 128, maximum cascade number is 256.
3.High refresh rate. For example, 8192 gray scale level, 1/8 scan, max rate is 2500Hz.
4.Support redundancy dot insertion and diverse size and proportaion display screen.
5.Support static, virtual static, 1/2 to 1/16 any scan mode.
6.Support gray test of white, black, red, green and blue color; oblique line test to detect module chip, no need sending card to control.
7.Control switch of LED display, fan and air conditioner; monitor externaltemperature, humidity, mist and smoke; adjust brightness automatically.
8.Support long distance transmission, farthest distance is 140 meters, temperature range is -20C – 50C.
9.Support PWM and general chips.


d803 led card

Model: DM806 Multi Function LED Card

Detecting information such as humidity, brightness, mist and smoke will be returned to host computer, thus brightness can be adjusted automatically, switch of display and air conditioner can be controlled by computer.

1. Any position in cascade card is available.
2. One display can use more than one multi-function card.


dm806 multi function led card

Model: NMTP-3501 LED Player

1. Timing play
2. Split screen play
3. Diverse subtitle display
4.Simple play editting
5. Clock and wather forecast display
6. Terminal real-time monitor
7. Momentary insert play
8. Breakpoint continuing
9. Remote control settings
10. Log record
12. Intelligent watch dog
13. Remote intellectual upgrade
14. Unified management

Features and advantages:
1. B/S structure, no need to install client-side.
2. Embedded Sigma top level SMP8635 chip, standard LINUX operation system, and high stability.
3. Multi-user privilege control, ensure program is monitored by administrator.
4. Based on network platform, adopt distributed-design, open system interface, ensure system expandability
5. Safety and encryption
6. Multiple network modes
7. Public media and personal materials controlling and managing, information network release system.


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