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 Huidu led display controller solutions

Huidu led control card Technology is getting very popular with more and more customers with professional design, excellent quality and perfect services. In the future, we will insist on specialization, technology innovation as well as technical services, and strengthen cooperation with extensive LED display manufacturers, system integrators/distributors in home and abroad, hoping for long-term common development!

Huidu provide 4 Solutions for LED Display Controller

>>.LAN Fullcolor LED Control System Solution
1.Networking LED Control System Description:
LED Control card,and led control computers connected with the routers, switches to make a full LAN networking, you do not need to do the IP setting, LED control computer can control any led control card in the LAN.Currently,it supports the same lan network and inter-network,the below pictures show the led control system connections of the LAN.

lan led display controller

2.The Solution Features:
LED Lan Networking is simple, fast and low cost; support lan network,private network or public network access control and it do not need the build the server. The weekness is you need to wiring the newwork. and the securety is not high.

>>.WIFI Fullcolor LED Control System Networking Solution

1.WIFI LED Control System Description:
Users control the computer to communicate with the router via WIFI, while the led control card is connected to the router via a network cable, enabling users to control the display via WIFI purpose.
The below pictures will show how to connect:

wifi led display controller

2.The Solution Features:
Networking is simple,fast and low cost; The shortage is WIFI signal transmission distance is limited and be impacted by the environmental.

3.The Advantages:
The Control computer and led control system is "many" to "many" relationship, it means that a computer can control one or more asynchronous led cards, Or one led control card can also be controlled by one or more controlling computer.

>>.Internet WAN LED Display Controller Solution

1.Network Description:
The led display controller is connected with router, and accesses the internet through the router; the remote computer connects to each control card via the internet, and achieve the remote and cluster management of control card with a special server.

internet led control system

internet led controlller

2.Project Features:
Truly realize the remote control; and be compatible with all solutions below.

3.Unique Advantages:
Customized server is provided so that network is more stable and reliable.

>>.3G LED Display Controller Solution for LED Display Screen

1.Network Description:
Each control card accesses the 3G network through 3G module and then connects to the internet. After being connected to the internet, the computer can remotely control each card by transferring with a special server.

3g led display controller

2.Project Features:
Wireless and remote internet control; it's very safe to transfer through the special server;
The shortcoming is that the cost of terminal device through 3G network is high, and the transmission speed is affected by the 3G network offered by operator.

3.Unique Advantages:
Customized server is provided, so the network is more stable and reliable.