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Huidu LED Card was established in 2006 , is specialized in LED display controller technology research of high-tech enterprises which is a professional LED control system manufacturer.
Huidu focus on high-performance, cost-effective, high intelligent LED control system development . Company has the technology of embedded control,graphical information digitization, multimedia and other core technologies,and applied it to the led card successfully.
Along the way, from single color led card to full color led card , from asynchronous to synchronous , Huidu technology has the industry's most complete product line and the most abundant solutions.Since foundation, series of LED display controllers have been brought out, HD-C1/C3, HD-E, HD-U, HD-N, HD-Q, HD-M, HD-S etc.With easy-to-operate software and stable hardware, we served customers well in PR.China, Southeast Asia, Middle East, South America and so on.

huidu hd-c3

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Huidu Technology owns the reputation of professional design, excellent quality, perfect service by more and more customers.and will always adhere to technological innovation and technical services,serve the domestic and foreign LED display manufacturers and systems integrators.hope we can become the best led controller supplier of yours.