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 Kaler Asynchornous LED Control Card,Kaler LED Display Controller

Kaler LED Card-A New Generation of LED Display Controller

X series asynchronous led card is the newest and perfect products Ianched by Kaler Company. It comes together and shows our perfect demand and expectation to the LED display control cards. It is totally a untraditional control card and provide you exciting functions and features. Our X series control card is designed as a full new generation card and aimed to satisfy all of your demand and offer “O” after-sale sen/ice. It is equiped with the super high performance hardwares, for example 800MHz CPU+32M flash memory +1000Hz refresh rate, which is the foundation of all other new features.

X series led sender not only satisfy customer’ s present demands, for example support freely area, support USB interface, support multiple programs and areas, what’ s more, it is original created three new features :dynamic background, sparkling character and full color showing, which will be LED display control card’ s research direction in the future. As for the manufacturing, it is totally military level manufactured and “O” after-sale service is the goal that we always pursuit. It is also added protective design and process which makes it can adapt to any usage.

kaler x led card

Kaler X Series LED Card Features:

1.Indefinite, Indefinite, all depend on you
Indefinite width, indefinite programme, indefinite areas! From now on throw away all your worries, no need to consider control pixel, area programme. Width and height are independent from each other and both can be set till maximum value, for example X8 can be set for 128*9999, X16 can be set for 256*9999, at the same time, single and dual color perform accordantly.

2.The novel dynamic background technology
While the character scrolling, the screen will display the ever-changing background pattern. For example, the spinning love-heart for wedding party and the flying musical notes for concert. The dynamic background technology makes the display screen say good-bye to monotonous character scrolling, it display your advenisements in a unprecedented way,creates greater publicity value and attract more attentions for your products.

3.Abundant, gorgeous sparkling-moving character
Simplicity is beauty! The complicated animation editing is out of date, depending on strongly computer intellectual technology, the characters will dance in the air by clicking the mouse gently. The sparkling-moving character makes the abundant and gorgeous effects that cant be realized in the traditional special effects comes true, it is upgrade version of character display mode.

4.256 grade gray level full color display
X series control card fully support single color, dual color and full color display, like linsn that support 256 grade gray level, specially designed for full color lintel screen, it shares the same card with single/dual color card, no need to study how to use it independently, easy to operate.

5.Super low voltage start
Professional optimized power and wide voltage input design, promise it can be used normally at 3.5 low voltage, totally avoid disturbing of control system by the power.

6.Super Low temperature environment use normally
Specially designed for poor environment at servere cold region, all the device are industrial grade, can work well at -35°C/-31°F temperature.

7.Product performance stable and reliable
We are the only first factory that use Anti-corrosion paint process and Resistance to high temperature aging process to all of our products in the LED control card field, at the same time we are the first factory who has sent our products to authority for testing and inspecting. We promise every ex-factory product can stand any trial.

8.Intelligence, easy operating, easeful led software
The software is no longer the vassal of the products, excellent and beautiful human—computer interface makes the operation more unhindered and more comfortable. It can express user’ s creativity better and faster. It includes more than 500 different built-in pictures, animation materials, includes famous trademarks, emotion and the symbols used in lift etc. The character content is right at your fingertips making the display screen show your idea and play an important role at the important occasions such as wedding party, festival celebration etc. At the same time the software support many shortcut keys, copy programme, areasjust by Ctrl+C.Ctrl+V, to avoid a lot of repeatable works.