Linsn LED Control Software LEDStudio User Setting
 LED Software Setting

Some clients do not know how to setup the linsn led control software-LEDStudio. here is the Step: you can learn the setup and function of the software:

1.Open software setup:
Click on “option”in the menu, and select “software setup”. A administrator password dialog box will appear, type in the
password and choose “ok” to open the “software setup” dialog box. (As shown in Image).

led software setting

1).Play Window,You can set the LED Display Screen Number: such as "3", then got 3 playing windows to control multi led display by one computer. and each led playing windows can be set to different size.
2).Lock to LED Screen: lock the play window to LED screen area
3).Floating: users may change the position
4).Enable change by mouse: allow the change of size by mouse
5).Always on top: play window will always on top of any other windows

2.Networking:To set the machine as LED screen or can set the IP address to achieve the led remote control.

3.Other setup:
Auto restart when error: restart the software automatically when error occurs
Restart every day: restart at a certain time everyday,to make a schedule of the led display running time.
Auto Backup: backup program at certain time
Prompt when quit: choose whether or not pop-up note dialog box when existing this software.

4.Auto Setup:
Start when Windows starts up
Load file when starting
Play document when starts up automatically
Play document when starts up manually
Above options are all available.

If you have any questions of ledstudio,you can contact linsn online support to get more information.