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 SD801D LED Sending Card,TS801D LED Control Card U and D Outputs

LINSN TS801D LED Sending Card Support 1024*640 Pixels or 1280*512 Pixels by U Outputs, and Max Support 1280(Width)*1024(Height) pixels (with U and D outputs).

How to Control the LED Display with U and D Outputs? We need to do some configuration.Take Ph6mm 7mx4m of 960mmx960mm for example:

Ph6mm 960x960mm led cabinet resolution is: 160x160 dots, For 7x4m,The total resolution is: 1120 dots x 640 dots.Then we need use the U and D Outputs to control the LED Display Screen.

1.Install and get into the LEDstudio Software Setup Options:(The Password is:168)

ledstudio software setup

2.Set the CON files like the following pictures, The Green Part is for U Cable Output, and The Blue Part is for D Cable Output.

ledstudio setup

ledstudio software setup

3.Connect the U Output of LED Sending Card to the Ph6mm 3x4m LED Display, and Connect the D Output of LED Sending Card to the Ph6mm 4mx4m LED Display. After that, Click the "Send to Receiver". Send and Save the CON Files to the LED Receiver.

For Now,all the Configuration has done,The Ph6mm will show the videos and images of 1120dotsx640dots.If you have any questions about the LED Sending Card U and D Outputs.You can contact LED Card to get more information.