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 Xixun Asynchronous LED Control system+ Wireless router and wireless card

 Compared to linsn, Xixun is a professional Asynchronous LED Display Control System,Herer,we introduce one solution of the Xixun LED Card + Wireless Router+Wireless Card to achieve the Wireless Communication:

Step 1: Insert the wireless card in the PC

xixun led card

Step 2: Install the wireless card driver in your PC (We have already installed well ) . But only Chinese Version . (step1 and step 2 can be changed as you like)。

Step3: Set IP address of your PC
1> The first three number for IP address and Default gateway must be the same .The last work you can choose from 1—254 as you like .
2> Subnet mask no need to change。

set the led card ip

Step4: Search led screen IP automatically


If search the screen ip successfully , then will show the window as below:

xixun led card

For Now,The Connection is ok, you can use the LEDEditor to communicate with the LED Display.

lededitor software