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 Zdec V8 and V5 LED Control System and L9 LED Lighting Controller

Zdec is specialized in developing and researching various led controller for LED display and led lighting, It is also a unique and global company which combines the LED Driving IC design, IC application, led card, and technology together.

Zdec can provide customers high technology and products to support large scale, and super wide, highest resolutions led display system with unique display solutions. The products have been widely used in very important scenarios such as sports led display, retnal led scren for entertainment stages, advertising led display for shopping malls, color led sign for billboard.

Zdec LED Control System Including:

V8 LED Control System
V5 Optical Fiber LED Control System
L9 LED Lighting Controller

V8 LED Control Card:



ZQ Full color transmitting card


ZQ Full color receiving card


zdec v8 led card

V8 LED Control system is developed by ZDEC designed for common constant current chip of LED screen. It bases on characters of constant current and kinds of users’ demands and realizes various applications which make the screen perform perfectly.

LED Card Contains:

1.Main controller: full color transmitter
2.Sub controller: led receiving card
4.Accessories: Multi-function card, fiber optic converter, DVI replicator

V8 Full Color LED Transmitter

Performance parameter
1.Support USB 2.0
2.Support DVI
3.Support Parameter
4.1000M Output port
5.when frame frequency is 60Hz, Transmitter can drive1.31million pixels; for each port, dots are no more than 0.65million pixels
6.Max width≤2048, Max height≤1200
7.Request to both ports in use : U port up and D port down. When the frame frequency decreases, the transmitter can load more
8.When frame frequency is 30Hz, LED dots ≤2.36million pixels
9.each port dots ≤1.31million dots

Electronic parameter:
1.Work voltage: 5±0.5V
2.work current: 2000mA
3.Temperature: 0-60
4.Humidity: 5%-95%

V8 Fullcolor LED Receiver

Performance Parameter

1.Max load 65536 pixels
2.when clock frequency is 18.8Hz, For static screen , the grey level is 65536, max refresh rate reaches 4200Hz; for scan screen, (8 scan for example), when grey level is 8192, the refresh rate reaches 1650Hz
3.Support 1, 2,4,8,16 scan module
4.Support online firmware upgrading
5.Load pixels for single card full color
6.Load pixels for single card double color
Width≤512 pixels
Height≤512 pixels

Electronics Parameter

1.Work Voltage: 4.3V--5.5Vc
2.Work current: 1500Ma
3.Work temperature :0-60
4.Work Humidity:5%-95%

V5 LED Controller

V5 fiber optics online led control system is a general LED display control system developed by ZDEC. It supports vertical and horizontal display connection and has excellent universal usage, reliability and superior display performance. Gigabit Ethernet technology is applied in LED display screen transmission. Therefore, controller can drive 1024 x 768 pixels. The transmission distance for multi mode is 500m while single mode reaches 15000m.

The system connects with PC through RS232 interface. Completely supports Windows system, has function of configuring system parameter via LED management tool software, self-protecting function when power decreases and the system can recover the status after power off.

zdec v5 led controller

V5 LED Control System Features:

1.enhance frequency rate
Providing net structural display control structure to realize short row can be used in large led display screen.
2、enhance refresh rate Can self-adjust system refresh frequency according to display pixel types and size of resolution to fully ultilize Kilo M bandwidth。
3、low grey curve adjustment
1) Provides low grey adjustment function
2) Optimization algorithm reduces view instability adjusted by low gray scale.
3) upport 16 whole display brightness adjustment functions basing on supporting low gray scale adjustment.
4、shooting effect
Adding forcefully heterogeneous signal to reduce scan line problems in taking photos。
5、customize gray scale curve
Providing function of gray scale curve adjustment to different temperature outside(in this edition, customized gray scale curve is pre-set in EEPOM

V5 LED Controller Applications:

1、Transmission medium:
multi modules fiber optics  
Single module fiber optics
2、Display usage:
3 colors real pixel row control
3 colors and 4 lights virtual pixel row control
3、Max transmitting distance:
500m for multi module
1500m for single module
4、Request of single module:
Used for chips basing on ZQL9702X
Either real pixel module or virtual pixel module doesn’t require more than 32 rows * 64 columns

L9 LED Lighting Controller

L9 solution is especially providing a comprehensive and open system platform for common LED lighting.

zdec l9 led controller

LED Controller Including:Main controller and sub controller

Electronic parameter:

Work voltage: 100~240V AC
Work temperature:0~60℃
Work humidity: 5%~95%

L9 LED Controller Features:

1.DVI Data Source Input
2.Support Series of DVI Resolution Input for Wide Screen
3.Super Large for Main Controller
4.Powerful Software
5.Intelligent Online Detection
6.High Refresh Rate
7.High Grey Level