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Zdec V5 Optical Fiber Control System


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  • Model: LCC-Zdec-V5
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  • Manufactured by: Zdec

Zdec V5 Optical Fiber Control System

V5 fiber optics online control system is a general LED display control system developed by ZDEC. It supports vertical and horizontal display connection and has excellent universal usage, reliability and superior display performance. Gigabit Ethernet technology is applied in LED display screen transmission. Therefore, controller can drive 1024 x 768 pixels. The transmission distance for multi mode is 500m while single mode reaches 15000m.  

The system connects with PC through RS232 interface. Completely supports Windows system, has function of configuring system parameter via LED management tool software, self-protecting function when power decreases and the system can recover the status after power off.

Zdec V5 fiber optics led control system:

1、enhance frequency rate
Providing net structural display control structure to realize short row can be used in large display screen.
2、enhance refresh rate
Can self-adjust system refresh frequency according to display pixel types and size of resolution to fully ultilize Kilo M bandwidth。
3、low grey curve adjustment
1) Provides low grey adjustment function
2) Optimization algorithm reduces view instability adjusted by low gray scale.
3) upport 16 whole display brightness adjustment functions basing on supporting low gray scale adjustment.
4、shooting effect
Adding forcefully heterogeneous signal to reduce scan line problems in taking photos。
5、customize gray scale curve
Providing function of gray scale curve adjustment to different temperature outside(in this edition, customized gray scale curve is pre-set in EEPOM