How to Install and uninstall the LEDStudio?
 LEDStudio Installation

LEDStudio can be easily installed, as shown below:

Put the “LED Studio” installation CD into the CD-ROM, If you do not have the LEDStudio CD-Rom,or you got the Wrong version, you can Download the LEDStudio from our Download Center.

The Installation Menu will automatically pop up. (if not, then select this CD-ROM, double click it with your mouse)Then select “Install LED Studio” to start the Installation Guide, as Shown in Figure 2-1.After that, simply follow the instruction on the screen. Note: This software is protected by a serial number. Please enter the correct serial number in order to process the installation. Please ask the products provider for your serial number.

After LED Studio software has been successfully installed, there will be a “LED Software” program group in the 【Start】/【Program】,then move to the “LED Software” under this program group, single click to start. Also, there will be a “LED Studio” short-cup on your desktop: as shown to the right: ledstudioAlso, you can start the program by double click on the icon.

Attention:The Install Password(Series No#) is: 888888 ,after you install the ledstudio,you will get the following running led software.

ledstudio software

 LEDStudio Uninstall 


ledstudio uninstall

“LED Studio” software provide an auto-uninstall function, for your convenience to delete all “LED Studio” files, program groups and short-cuts, users can either select “Delete LED Studio” under the “LED Software” group, or go to the 【control panel】, select 【add/delete program】 to undergo quick uninstall. (Uninstall window as shown in image 2-2), now select “Automatic” can delete all files, program groups and short-cuts.