Linsn LED Control System
 What is the Linsn LED Control System?

Linsn LED Control System
TS801 led sending card
TS851 led sender box
RV801 led receiver
RV901 led receiving card
Hub75 led control card
Hub40 led control card
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Linsn LED control system includes: full-color synchronism, full-color light decoration, full-color asynchronism, double-color synchronism, double-color asynchronism etc. The system has been adopted by hundreds of domestic LED factories, and it becomes the first choice. Besides, it has being exported overseas by large amount.

linsn led control system

Linsn led control system is a full color led display controller which including the led cards:

1.led sending card installed in the control computer,and connnect with dvi graphic card to transmit the dvi signal to the led display. for the laptop solution,we can use the led sending box instead of led sending card.

linsn led controller


For now,the model:TS801 led sending card and TS851 led control box is the popular and newest one for linsn led control system.

TS801 LED Sending Card Function is to Receiving signals from computer then fedding to led receiving card/receiver/scan board.

ts801 ts801d
ts801 led sending card

TS851 LED Sender Box is a sender box that include the Ts801 led sending card has the features to adjust the brightness from 1-16 Grade.

The Function:To work easily with laptop and to be able to minimize the size of control computer.

ts851 ts851 sender box


2.led receiving card is installed in the led cabinet which receive the dvi signal from the led sending card,and transmit the data to the led modules by hub card.


RV801 led receiving card works with all led sending cards(TS801, DS801, TS802, DS802).and RV901 is the newest led card.

3.Hub card has hub40 and hub75 which allocate the right signals of led receiving card to LED modules.

hub75 hub40
Hub75 LED Card
Hub40 LED Card
hub led card

The matching software of the Linsn LED Control Card---LED Studio, is highly praised by the users. Now there are editions diverse languages available, such as English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, French, and so on. And Japanese and Russian editions are coming.

Linsn LED Card has occupied board part of the market and is firmly trusted by the customers. It is because our products have stable-performance, credible quality, and high Quality-to-Price ratio; because we follows the tent that “Quality for most, Service for most, Credit for most and Customer for top”; because we have flexible method of development, manufacture and distribution. We will continually produce better and more updated products. And as always, we will wholeheartedly provide you with high quality and perfect LED Card products and services. The LED Control with everybody's hand, to develop the LED industry of China, and also the world.

linsn led card


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