Shipping Brief News


The Latest Shipping Brief News 10 Shipping Countdown It is now 11:00 BST. The LED modules and other goods ordered by customers have all been packed and waiting for shipping.  5/5 Reasonable shipping methods ensure that your goods will not be damaged by the bumps in the journey. Our staff always treats your goods […]

NovaStar VX600,practical and easy to use!


The video processor is a control box designed to process and convert the input signal into viewable content for the LED display wall. Nowadays, NovaStar VX600 is becoming a popular video processor in the market. So, let’s get learn more about it! Part One What can NovaStar VX600 do for you? Part Two Why choose […]

LED wall, the secret to a successful wedding!


Led wall, the secret to a successful wedding! The use of LED wall in weddings is a must. Don’t believe me? Stop your planning and let’s get to know the LED wall as a party magic tool first! Previous Next Part One What is A Wedding LED Wall? Part Two   What Can Led Wall Do […]

Introduction of Outdoor led module,not to be missed!

The outdoor LED module is not a mysterious item anymore.  But has it ever occurred to some people that distinguishing LED modules from outdoor and indoor may actually be a commercial scam by unscrupulous businessmen? Possibly, there is even a part of people who have thought about a question. Can indoor LED modules be used […]

Flexible LED module, what do you know?


Flexible LED module is already in widespread use. Would you like to try a flexible LED module yourself? Or are you not sure if you need a flexible LED module now? This article is based on four points to guide you through the flexible LED module. It will help you to understand flexible soft LED […]

Why Novastar Vx4S ?And how to use it?

what is an LED video processor? In short, the main function of an LED video processor is to convert images from external sources (such as computers, HD broadcast boxes, Blu-ray DVDs, etc.) into an acceptable signal for LED displays. LED video processors are designed specifically for LED displays and can effectively improve image quality. However, the […]

A brief introduction of LED modules


LED modules are rich in applications. They play an important role in many fields. In fact, understanding LED modules are simple. With a better understanding of LED modules, I believe you can make a better buying choice. This article will focus on three points. These include the definition and composition of LED modules, the difference […]