Shipping News-December 1st, 2022

Shipping Brief News

Shipping Process

It is now 3:00 p.m. BST.

Your items are all packed and waiting for shipping.

Hurry up and check your logistics status update!


We serve you with all our heart

Pay attention to every detail of the logistics

Whether it’s packaging or transportation

We will follow the standard procedure

Guarantee the arrival of your purchased goods on time


If you have any suggestions about our logistics or packaging

Welcome to contact us

Because we are committed to improving our service standards

Wish to satisfy you in every step of the process

Shipping Q&A

Q: How to pack for shipping?

A:How to pack for shipping?

Good packaging will prevent your products from bouncing or being crushed during shipping.

In this way, your product is in good condition when it is shipped to you.

We have the following packaging principles.

1. Evaluate the item requirements and select the appropriate packaging material

2. Pack all items individually

3. Create proper cushioning and padding

4. Use the right sealing material

5. Use advanced sealing methods


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If there is a problem with your order, please do not worry excessively.

We ledcontrolcard have a perfect return, exchange, and even compensation policy.

Our customer service is available online 24/7 and will certainly solve any problem for you.

Actually, we hope we can bring you a pleasant shopping experience!

Look forward to hearing from you again, see you next time!