Flexible LED module, what do you know?

Flexible LED module is already in widespread use.

Would you like to try a flexible LED module yourself?

Or are you not sure if you need a flexible LED module now?

This article is based on four points to guide you through the flexible LED module.

It will help you to understand flexible soft LED display module and assist you in your subsequent purchase.

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Part One What is a flexible LED module?

1. What is a flexible LED module?


LED displays are used extensively in the advertising industry.

To make the displays more attractive and to achieve innovative results.

The flexible soft LED display module has been developed.

In short, what sets the Flexible Soft LED Display Module apart from other LED display modules is the fact that it can be bent and curved.

Not surprisingly

When a display can be bent and curved, the visual effect it offers is refreshed.

In the meantime, the range of applications has grown.

2.Features of  flexible LED  display module

(1) FPC

In order to achieve the effect of bending and extension, the flexible soft LED display module is composed of a different material compared to other LED modules.

Other LED display modules use a very rigid PCB board.

The flexible soft LED module uses an FPC board.

So, what is an FPC circuit board?

A flexible Printed Circuit is abbreviated as FPC, which is made of polyimide or polyester film as a base material.

It is characterized by high density, lightweight, thin thickness, and good bendability.

Therefore, the use of FPC allows for better installation of LED modules in corners that would otherwise be difficult to install.

Naturally, LED modules that can be bent can also bring new visual effects.

(2)magnetic pillar suction

Flexible soft LED display modules are mainly mounted by magnetic pillar suction.


The installation is quick and easy, firm and reliable, and the installation is very simple.


This saves you a lot of installation time.


(3) Good ductility

Flexible soft LED display modules are extremely ductile.

This means two points.

Firstly, flexible soft LED display modules can be shaped in any way.

Secondly, after being shaped, the flexible soft LED display modules can still play the picture from all angles simultaneously.

Complete with a high-definition display, the result is a stunning visual effect.

(4)Point-to-point repair

Generally speaking, the flexible soft LED display modules are of high quality.

Anti-oxidation and moisture-proof design protects circuits from moisture and oxidation, greatly increasing service life.

In addition, frontal service makes maintenance easy.

Point-to-point repairs can be carried out without the need to dismantle the entire module.

3. Specification of flexible  LED display module

Flexible Soft LED Display Module Specification:
Pixel PitchLED TypeDensity(dot/㎡)Module PixelModule Size(mm)Driving ModeBrightness(Nits)
240*120mm Series
320*160mm Series
256*128mm Series

Part two Pros&cons of using flexible LED module

1. Pros of using flexible soft LED screen module

According to the characteristics of the flexible soft LED module we can easily see what are the advantages of using it.

(1) Good visual effect


Beyond the visual effect brought by the conventional LED module


the flexible soft LED module is undoubtedly more attractive to people’s attention.


With a simple shape change to bring better results, why not?

(2) Low installation cost

Magnetic installation is very simple and does not require professional assistance or guidance.

Convenient and quick installation greatly improves your work efficiency.

(3) Low maintenance costs

Frontal service is always the lowest.

No need to disassemble the screen to achieve instant repair.

2. Cons of using flexible soft LED screen module

The use of a flexible soft LED display module is really all good and not bad?

In fact, it is not so.

(1)Outdoor limited

Flexible soft LED display modules are often designed in unique shapes, which has a greater negative impact on their protection ability.

Especially in terms of waterproofing.

So most of the flexible soft LED display modules only be used indoors.

(2) Higher cost

Many new shapes need to consider the cost of mold opening.

The more unique the design, the smaller the market demand is relative.

This leads to many manufacturers being less willing to innovate.

This is not the reason for technology, but the market caused.

Small market demand and inconsistent requirements lead to high costs and fewer product types.

Part Three Flexible LED module applied case

1.Curved LED screen

Conventional LED displays module can also achieve a curved appearance.

By making the steel structure of the display directly into an arc, the arc effect of a conventional display can be accomplished during installation.

However, if the effect of a larger arc is needed, there is no way to do it with a conventional display.

The only way to do this is with a flexible soft LED display module.

2.Cylindrical LED screen

When you want to install the LED display on a column, like many hotels, conference rooms, bars, and other places do.

Such decoration is very upscale and can create a very extraordinary atmosphere.

There is certainly no way to achieve this effect with a conventional screen, so the flexible soft LED display module comes in handy again.

3. Special shapes

There are two common special shapes, waves and ribbons.

The designer’s creative novelty is usually accompanied by special shapes, so waves and ribbons are often used. 


LED display manufacturers have gradually turned the designers’ ideas into reality through the development of technology.

Obviously, flexible soft LED display modules are one of the most successful solutions.

The widespread use of foldable and flexible soft LED display modules is a certainty.

Any of your creativity and ideas can be realized with flexible soft LED display modules.

We led control card can bring you a comprehensive and systematic solution.

Why not give it a try?

Part Four Conclusion

Flexible LED modules are highly practical and the visual effects they can deliver are top-notch.

We hope that reading and understanding this article will help you to choose flexible soft LED display modules.

If you are still not sure if you need a flexible soft LED display module or have further questions about flexible soft LED display modules, please contact us.

We have a professional team that can provide you with 24/7 service.

We believe that we can satisfy you!