LED Modules FAQS

Some questions are asked frequently by clients, here are the list for a reference. If we couldn’t give you a timely online reply, check this list might give you the answer.

1.Replace LED Modules 丨 “I have an LED display but some modules were broken, now I want to buy some new modules from you. ”

Our common suggestions for those questions is “ Usually order new modules to replace the old one is unmatched”.
Detail explanation for each situation:

Q: The screen is ordered from another factory, the module looks different from yours, could they work together?

A: They couldn’t. If you can’t get into contact with your previous suppliers, maybe you could search from Alibaba platform to see whether there were suppliers still produce this model. Though professional suggestion for this is, replace the old modules all. But just as a backup, have a try.

Q: Seems my module looks exactly same of yours, is it OK to replace the old ones?

A: You’d better buy some samples to take a test. But situations in most cases are, they can’t work together too. You couldn’t judge this from the outline only. The PCB board internal trace, the IC, and the other component the factory use, they are different in different batch. It is hard for them to match.
For example, one component, the previous factory set it is to control the red lamp, but for us, we set it control the green lamp, then error shown.
The best condition is, luckily they are all lighted and worked together, but color difference exists, both the lamps and the masks. You could contact us to use software make calibration for the lamps, and for the mask color difference, move those module to the edge. When they are lighted, the color differences might not get much more attention.

Q: I ordered the modules/display from you a few years ago, now I wanna buy some new modules to replace some broken parts.

A: If it was a bit longer years ago, and couldn’t be repaired, it’s better to buy samples for testing as well. If it’s not a longer interval, they might work together but still will have color differences.

2.Receiver Cards Load Capacity 丨“I see from the receiver cards specification, it max support 1024x256 pixels/one card, why you only calculate 256x128 dots for it? ”

There are many factors that have effects on the receiver cards’ load capacity. Refresh rate, shift clock, and the gray scale. Set a lower gray scale, a lower refresh rate, set the shift clock higher, that all will rise the receiver card load capacity.
So in another way, let the receiver cards load a higher resolution will cut down the gray level and refresh rate, that will influence the visual effect. So according to our experience, each card load 256×128 dots will be better.

3.Receiver Card Replacement - Different batches match-able problem

“Some of may receiver cards broken down, no I’m planing to order some new, could they work together?”
BrandsDifferent Batches Matched or Not
ColorlightCan’t match, Can’t mix use
LinsnTime before 2019: Can’t match; Time After 2019: Match, need upgrade receiver card firmware program,
How to check production time, please check here;
How to upgrade firmware:
We’ll send you a file suffix named “.BIN”. Check each files one by one to find the suitable right one. And there is no clear guide for which should be chosen, that’s what we did too. (shrugged) If that troubled you, contact us, we provide tech service too.

4.Power Consumption Calculation 丨“I want to buy some power supplies to load my sample modules, but do not know how many I totally need.”

Two figure for your roughly calculation:
Indoor 0.01W/dot, Outdoor 0.013W/dot, (dot is your module resolution)
P3.91 Outdoor Module, 64×64 dots, 4pcs
G-Energy N300-V5 Power Supply, 300W
64x64x4x0.013=213W, 1 set power supply will be enough.

Attention: That could only be used as small quantity module sample calculation, for huge amount, you’d better contact us or contact Kevin online for accuracy.