NOVASTAR LED including help documents, product manuals, product specifications and LED CON Configuration files for LED display. You can free get all files from LEDControlCard, if you has any problems, please contact us at any time.

LED Software

Get Novastar LED display control system software for windows and MAC free download. Get Free installation file now.


Novastar LED Prodcuts firmware data update of Sending Card MSD300, MCTRL300, Receiver Card MRV3208, MRV336, Video Controller TB3, TB6, etc


Novastar LED Prodcuts Specifications of Sending Card MSD300, MSD600, ect, Receiving Card MRV336, A5S, etc, Video Controller TB3, TB6, etc


Novastar RCFG RCFGX files for LED display. newest configuration files to make Novastar LED controller working normally

Operating Manuals

Novastar led Control System Software operating Manuals with one by one steps and all instructions and configuration wizard.