Novastar LED Download

Get the latest Novastar LED display control System sotfware, We offer download for all stable Novastar LED controller sotfware.

VPlayer Change History

  1. Solution publishing fails after the download path of VPlayer is changed
  2. An incorrect window size of VPlayer is reported

Novastar SmartLCT Change History


[Supporting Device Program Version]

The device firmware must be updated to the latest version.
  1. Supported sending devices: 64-bit Windows 7 or later operating environment| MCTRL300 / MCTRL R5 / MCTRL500/  MCTRL600/ MCTRL660/  MCTRL700 / MCTRL4K / MCTRL1600 / Thunderview_S1 / MCTRL660 PRO macOS 10.10 or later operating environment MCTRL300/ MCTRL R5/ MCTRL600/ MCTRL660/ MCTRL4K/ MCTRL1600/ Thunderview_S1/ MCTRL660 PRO
  2. Supported all-in-one controllers 64-bit Windows 7 or later operating environment 3D HD/NovaPro HD/ NovaPro UHD Jr/VX2/VX2U/K2U/VX4/VX4S/VX4U/K4/K4S/K4U/VX5s/VX6s/V700/V800/V900/V900S/VX16s macOS 10.10 or later operating environment 3D HD/NovaPro HD/ NovaPro UHD Jr/ K16/VX2/VX2U/K2U/VX4/VX4S/VX4U/K4/K4S/K4U/VX5s/VX6s/V700/VX16s
[New Features]
  1. Support cabinet configuration files (*.rcfgx) exported or converted from NovaLCT (V4.6.0 or later).
[Bug Fixes]
  1. SmartLCT crashes during brightness adjustment after screen configuration when SmartLCT is connected to the sending card that is not connected to the receiving card.
  1. On Mac computers, SmartLCT currently does not support the MCTRL500, MCTRL700, V800, V900, or V900S.
  2. SmartLCT does not support LED display image offset adjustment of the MCTRL4K in multi-card mode.
  3. The V-Sender module does not support the Thunderview_S1, VX5s, VX6s, MCTRL700, or VX16s.

Novastar NovaLCT Change History


[New Features:]

  1. Image Booster Engine function
  2. Support for the function of displaying image on screen for test via DVI of the MCTRL1600
  3. Support for the 5759 chip
  4. Support for the VX16S all-in-one device
  5. Support for the Mee200、KT8E device
  6. Support for decoding parameter adjustment when the 16259 chip uses the 5366 decoding type
  7. Support for A6s program readback
[Fixed Bugs:]
  1. Fixed the LED error detection problem of the 5353B chip.
  2. Support for open-circuit LED error detection for the 5038 chip
  3. Modified the 3D function and added the operation of saving 3D parameters to hardware.
  4. Fixed the problem that the ABCDE signal delay time cannot be sent.
  5. Fixed the LED error detection problem of the 5151 chip.
  1. Optimized the upgrading of 9929/9926/9930/9935 chips.
  2. Optimized the upgrading of multifunction card program.
  3. Optimized the speed of sending the receiving card parameter to the specified receiving cards.
  4. Optimized the speed of sending the receiving card parameters after the cabinet rotation is configured.
  1. In the previous version, the grayscale levels of the 2163/2053/2153/2050/2059/2055/2065 chips are calculated incorrectly. This version has fixed the problem. The grayscale levels in the previous version and this version are different, but it does not affect the configuration file compatibility or display effect.

Nopvastar V-Can Change History


[New Features]

  1. The N9 support VE7 AUX.
  2. The N9 support input source renaming.
  3. The N9 support preset renaming.
  4. The N9 support multiple control function.
  5. The N9 support FTB function, including turning on or off FTB and FTB duration settings.
  6. The N9 support keying function.
  7. The DP 1.2 input connector on the N9 support 4K2K and 8K1K input resolution.
  8. The output width and height of the N9 both reach 4096 pixels
  9. The N9 support preset importing and exporting
  10. The N9 support BKG importing and exporting
  11. The NovaPro UHD Jr support three layers
  12. The VX5s/VX6s allows SDI input source to be used as the sync source
  13. The input width of the VX5s/VX6s is 3840 pixels under Direct mode.
  14. In V-Can, the test pattern will not be closed after you exit the test pattern, and will be closed when you set the test pattern to Normal.

[Supporting Device Program Version]
All firmware package versions are downward compatible.

  1. J6 seamless switcher V2.2.1.0.STD
  2. N9 seamless switcher V2.1.0.0.STD
  3. VE7 video input expander V1.0.7.0.STD
  4. VX5s/VX6s all-in-one controller V1.2.0.0.STD
  5. NovaPro UHD Jr all-in-one controller V1.1.2.0.STD


  1. Optimized the layer aspect ratio adjustment.
  2. Optimized the layer full screen and pixel-to-pixel function.


  1. Click the Refresh button to synchronize the selected device only rather than to synchronize all the devices.