NovaStar VX600,practical and easy to use!

The video processor is a control box designed to process and convert the input signal into viewable content for the LED display wall.

Nowadays, NovaStar VX600 is becoming a popular video processor in the market.

So, let’s get learn more about it!

Part One What can NovaStar VX600 do for you?

1. Appearance


2. Specification&Features

ElectricalPower connector100-240V~,1.6A,50/6OHz
ParamctersRated power28 w
operatingTemperature-10°C to 45c
EnvironmentHumidity20% RH to 90% RH,non-condensing
StorageTemperature-20°℃ to+70c
EnvironmentHumidity10%RH to 95%RH,non-condensing
PhysicalDimensions483.6 mm × 351.2 mm × 50.1 mm
SpecificationsNet weight4 kg
AccessoriesFlight CaseCarton
1x Power cord1x Power cord
1x HDMl to DVI cable1x HDMl to DVl cable
1x USB cable1x USB cable
1x Ethemet cable1x Ethernet cabe
1x HDMl cable1x HDMll cabe
1x Quick Start Gude1x Quick Start Guide
1x Certificate of Approval1x Certificate of Approval
1x DAC cable1x Safety Manual
 1x Customer Letter
Packing size521.0 mm × 102.0 mm x 517.0 mm565.0 mm× 175.0 mm× 450.0 mm
Gross weight10.4 kg6.8 kg
NoiseLevel (typical at 25°℃77F)45 dB(A)
Input ConnectorsBit DepthMax. Input Resolution
DvYCbCr 4:4:43840×648@60H(Custam)
OPT1YCbCr 4:2:2600 x3840@60H(Forced)
 YCbCr 4:2:0Not supported
 10-bitNot supported
 12-bitNot supported
3G-SDlMax. input resolution: 1920×1080@60Hz
·DOES NOT support input resolution and bit depth settngs.
Supports ST-424(3G),ST-292 (HD) and ST-259(SD)standard video inputs.

3. what can NovaStar VX600 do for you?

(1) improve the quality of the picture

NovaStar VX600 has excellent upconvert capability.

For example, HDTV sets are able to upconvert broadcast TV (480i) and DVD content (480i or 480p) to the highest format the set supports (720p, 1080i, or even 1080p).

Converting low resolution to a higher one is undoubtedly practical and vital.

(2) Support HD zoom

LED displays are available in a variety of sizes, and some screens are very large.

In many cases, your material will be zoomed in for playback because of the screen.

hen zooming in, the image will inevitably appear blurred in detail, and even produce many white spots and mosaics.

NovaStar VX600 supports HD zooming, so you don’t have to worry about whether the size of the material you need to play matches the size of the LED display screen.


(3) Lip sync

It is not uncommon thing that the picture is not synchronized with the sound.

Especially when you work with LED displays, the sound and picture desynchronization problem is more striking due to factors such as overly long video cables.

NovaStar VX600 can solve this problem very well.

Precise to millisecond processing guarantees the smoothness of your video screen display.

(4)Long distance transmission

The Long distance transmission technology of NovaStar VX600 is mature.

The limit of distance between OPT output and OPT input now no longer exists anymore, which further frees the user to use this product under any circumstances! 

Part Two Why choose NovaStar VX600?

1.NovaStar Vs other Brands

(1)benefits of using NovaStar

a. quality

NovaStar has been deeply involved in the LED display industry for decades.

Strictly controlling the quality of the products makes Novastar well-known.

The low failure rate of Novastar products will never lay any hidden trouble for users.

In addition, Novastar products own functions ahead of the times.

However, the operation is simple and everyone can easily use it, which can save you a lot of learning time and human resources.

b. Service

We ledcontrolcard has a professional team to support 24/7 service.

Before sales, We would love to answer your question and provide practical solutions.

As for after-sale, We have always satisfied our customers, and have a complete return, exchange, and repair policies.


We understand the importance of win-win, so we will not let you down when it comes to price.

If you spend more than a certain amount, there will be very huge discounts.

For details, please consult our current customer service!


With NovaStar, You can use cutting-edge technology to help with both your life and career.

We believe that NovaStar is always your best choice!

2.NovaStar VX600 Vs NovaStar VX1000

(1)Specification difference

VX1000/VX600 Comparison
Device ModelVX1000VX600
Loading Capacity

6.5 million pixels

3.9 million pixels

Max Width & Height

Max width: 10240 pixels

Max height: 8192 pixels

Max width: 10240 pixels

Max height: 8192 pixels

Input Connectors

2x HDMI1.4

2x DVI (HDMI1.4)

1x 3G-SDI

1x OPT1

2x HDMI1.3

1x DVI

1x 3G-SDI

1x OPT1

Output Connectors

10x Ethernet Ports

1x HDMI (Monitoring or Output)




2x OPT

6x Ethernet Ports

1x HDMI (Monitoring or Output)




2x OPT

Layers3x 4K×1K3x 2K×1K
Control Connectors

1x Ethernet Port

2x USB (input & output)


1x Ethernet Port

2x USB (input & output)



As two products of the same series, VX600 and VX1000 have little difference in functions and features.

It is worth noting that the loading capacity of VX1000 is nearly double that of VX600.

If your requirements for video processors are not so much, choosing VX600 must be a cost-effective choice.


V-Can Support
Supports up to 3x layers
Memory for 10 presets
Cascading via USB is possible
Display configuration without computer possible
Control via USB or LAN

Part Three How to get a quick start with NovaStar VX600

1.Note and Caution

2.Quick configuration


✓ The LED screen must be a regular screen, and so does the cabinet for the screen.

✓ During the data flow prerequisite setup, ensure that the physical connection of each port is in the same direction and extends down to the next port.

In addition, make sure that Ethernet port 1 is at the beginning of the entire physical connection.


→Step 1 Power on the VX600 and LED screen.

Step 2 On the home screen, press the knob to enter the main menu screen.

Step 3 Go to Screen Configuration > Quick Configuration to enter the quick configuration screen.

Step 4 Set Cabinet Row Qty and Cabinet Column Qty according to the actual row and column quantities of the cabinets.

Step 5 Rotate the knob to select Port 1 Cabinet Qty to set the quantity of the cabinets loaded by Ethernet port 1.

Step 6 Rotate the knob to select Data Flow (Front View) and press it, then select an appropriate physical connection for the cabinets.

During data flow settings, you can view the real-time effects of different data flow settings on the LED display by rotating the knob. When you are satisfied with the LED display image, press the knob to save the settings.


Part Four Conclusion

After reading this article, I believe you have a certain understanding of NovaStar VX600.

If you still have any questions or have an interest to make a purchase, please consult our online customer service.

We look forward to hearing from you!