Introduction of Outdoor led module,not to be missed!

The outdoor LED module is not a mysterious item anymore. 

But has it ever occurred to some people that distinguishing LED modules from outdoor and indoor may actually be a commercial scam by unscrupulous businessmen?

Possibly, there is even a part of people who have thought about a question.

Can indoor LED modules be used directly outdoors?

If there is a way to replace each other between the two.

The Cost can become lower than ever!

Part One what is outdoor LED module?

1.what is outdoor display LED module?

As the name implies, outdoor LED display modules are LED modules used outdoors.

The components of outdoor LED display modules are not unique and are similar to most of the modules.

Outdoor LED display modules play an essential role in commercial advertising, traffic signs, etc.

2.Features of outdoor LED display module

LED displays used outdoors will be affected by sunlight.

If the LED screen brightness is not enough, the content on the screen in sufficient sunlight can not be seen clearly by the naked eye.

Therefore, the general brightness of the outdoor LED module is very high.

Outdoor modules are always installed far from the crowd, so it is difficult for people to observe the details of the screen.

Therefore, the pixel pitch of outdoor LED modules is generally large.

Commonly used outdoor LED module pixel pitches include: P4 mm, P5 mm, P6.6 mm, P10 mm, etc.

a. Waterproof
In the outdoor use of LED modules, one of the most important protection abilities is waterproof.

Rain or air humidity to the outdoor LED module parts of the damage is obvious.

Without a strong waterproof ability, the service life of outdoor LED modules will be greatly reduced.

Even outdoor LED module will be a high frequency of various failure problems.

b. Dustproof
Dustproof is an important ability that cannot be ignored.

Especially for areas where the environment is not very good, when using outdoor LED modules, dustproof must be taken into account.

Dust not only has a negative effect on the functioning of the outdoor LED module, but also dust on the screen effect will have a great impact.

c.Heat dissipation
Heat dissipation function is crucial for outdoor LED modules.

Long-time use of outdoor LED module itself will produce a lot of heat.

It is not difficult to understand that the weather is changeable.

In the case of high temperatures, we can imagine the outdoor LED module heat dissipation function if not strong, will definitely lead to explosive consequences.

In addition, if the outdoor module is used close to the crowd, it is also necessary to consider the accidental damage that the crowd may cause to the module if they are not careful.


There are various ways to install outdoor LED modules.

Including wall-mounted, cantilevered, inlaid, upright, etc.

b. Maintenance
Most outdoor LED modules support both front and back service.

3.Can indoor LED modules be used outside?

Can indoor LED modules be used outside?

The answer to this question is no.

Part Two Factors Influence outdoor LED display module Cost

1.Outdoor LED display module self-factors

The brightness, pixel pitch, size, refresh rate, etc. determine the final image effect that the outdoor LED module can present, and these of course will also determine the price of the outdoor LED module.

If you don’t know much about these contents above, you can’t be sure what kind of module is more suitable for you.

Welcome to consult our customer service, our customer service will provide you with practical advice according to your needs.

2.Other factors

The installation of outdoor LED modules usually requires the help of professionals.

Although the more unique the installation design is, the more eye-catching it is, but generally such installation costs are also more expensive.

Of course, where it is installed will also have an impact on the cost.

If it is installed in particular places, I believe the cost to pay will not be too low.

Shipping cost is something that has to be considered.

Shipping takes a long time, but it is cheap.

Air freight is suitable for the case of tighter time, but expensive.

If the LED module you choose is imported from overseas, it is likely that there will be additional taxes in addition to shipping costs.

Part Three LED module solutions

1.P10mm DIP346 Outdoor LED Module 160x160mm

Density:10000 pixels/㎡
LED Arrangement:DIP 1R1G1B
Driver Mode :Dynamic1/4 Duty constant current
Mask:Pure Black mask-high contrast screen


2.P10mm SMD3535 Outdoor LED Module 320x160mm

Density:10000 pixels/㎡
LED Arrangement:SMD3535 3IN1
Driver Mode:Dynamic 1/2 Duty constant current
Mask:Pure Black mask-high contrast screen

led-module 320x160mm
led-module 320x160mm

3.P10mm SMD3535 Outdoor LED Module 320x320mm

Density:10000 pixels/㎡
LED Arrangement:SMD3535 3IN1
Driver Mode :Dynamic 1/2 Duty constant current
Mask:Pure Black mask-high contrast


4.P10mm DIP346 Outdoor LED Module 320*320mm

Density: 10000 pixels/㎡
LED Arrangement :DIP 1R1G1B
Driver Mode :Dynamic 1/4 Duty constant current
Mask :Pure Black mask-high contrast screen


Part Four Conclusion

This article introduces what outdoor LED display modules are and explains why indoor LED modules cannot replace outdoor LED modules.

In addition, this article introduces the influencing factors when buying outdoor LEDpanel modules.

Finally, the reader is shown the solutions that we ledcontrolcard provide to our customers.

If you still have further questions, please feel free to consult us.

We have a 24/7 service and professional team to help you.

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