Colorlight C6 LED Display Player

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Colorlight C6 LED Display Player, Support LED resolution: 1280*1024, 1920*640 or corresponding area, Wireless Control: Real-time brightness adjustment



Colorlight C6 LED Display Player

C6 Networked LED Player is the latest generation of LED controller, has many important breakthroughs, the most one is C6 supports play mode without a computer.which means C6 support Big LED screen display no need of PC.
C6 is desgined with an innovation idea of LED Display Control System, makes LED Display digital player a new high level, it will possess many advantages in applications such as exhibition LED displays and advertising LED displays
Compared the C5 LED player, C6 has all functions of C5, so C6 has all the advantages of conventional synchronized controllers, and more, C6 is built-in with a WIFi spot, can be connectted into WAN, LAN and 3G/4G network, Fully supports play and control through wireless intelligent remote control.


Support LED resolution: 1280*1024, 1920*640 or corresponding area
Built-in Linux System: 1.6GHz CPU + 600Mhz GPU
Wireless Control: Real-time brightness adjustment; Screen switch on/off display; Setup Configuration; Play control; Wireless Program Sending;
Communication: LAN/Wi-Fi/3G/4G
Management Devices: Computer, Android smart terminals
Program Update: U disc plug and play; sent by Wireless terminals
Automatic Brightness Adjustment: Timing Automatic Adjustment / Environmental Automatic Adjustment
Size: 315*205*44mm
Working Voltage: AC 100~240V 50Hz
Weight: 1.5kg

Control large LED screen display without PC computer
Supports 1080P HD Output
Better visual effect and experience
completely compatible with program management and setup mode under conventional synchronized control system.
Completely supporting play and control through wireless intelligent terminals

Easy Program Management
Multiple program play window
Multiple program formats such as video, image, text, clock etc
Multiple play windows, of which size and location can be freely set. Overlap supported
Program through LEDVISION, easy to do

Intelligent Control & Easy Management:
USB plug and play
Control through wireless intelligent terminals like iPhone, PC and Androide etc
Support WLAN and 3G/4G network
Supporting monitoring of working humidity, brightness and temperature, and automatic adjustment of screen brightness

Security and Stability:
With LINUX Embedded operation system Built-in, can immune from virus attacks
Watchdog design, never breakdown ensured
Made all from industrial electronic elements, quality assured
Multilevel security protections, system security guaranteed

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Weight2 kg

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