HUIDU HD-R507 LED Receiving Card

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HUIDU HD-R507 LED receiving card, HD-R507 Full Color LED display control card Receiving card Work with C10, C30, A30, Full color control system receiving card, Video, picture, text display card.



HUIDU HD-R507 LED Receiving Card


Working waysUsed in Sending card HD-A601/602/603 Series, HD-C10/C30series,HD-A30/A30+ Series
Suitable Modules typesIndoor & outdoor full-color & single/dual color module
Support MBI5041/5042、MBI5050、MY9221、MY9268 etc PWM
Scan modeStatic, 1-32 scan randomly
CommunicationGigabit Network
1pcs of receiving card support areasOutdoor: 256W*256H
Receiving cards sequenceSequence randomly, and it can recognize the sequence by software or set up sequence by hand.

Receiving card connected speed by nanoseconds

Gray scale0-65536
Smart setSmart set by few simple steps, through display routine setting ,it could suit almost different PCB routine
Play contentsPlay video、animation、picture、text、excel、PPT、time、counter etc
Test functionsIt have self test button, could test modes of red、green、blue、white、gray、oblique line、grid、spots etc
Blanking CircuitSupport
Communication distance150m use CAT5E OR CAT6 Cable (From Sending card to Receiving card)
Port2pin 5V Power x1,Gigabit port x2,60pin HUB x2
Working temperature-40℃–85℃

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