LINSN S100 Video Processor

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LINSN S100 Video Processor



LINSN S100 Video Processor

LINSN S100 Video Processor is a reliable and high performance LED screen controller.
It uses mature video processing solution and 8bit color processing to show colorful and clear image.
One video processor supports up to 1080P and customizing output. Integrated with two DVI for two-sender cascade output.
It is a best choice for advertisement in mall, hotel and exhibit.

1. One button for switching video-source input;
2. Supports audio input and output;
3. Supports USB plug and play, easy to use;
4. Supports full-screen scaling, point- to-point scaling, customizing scaling and resolution output;
5. With backup DVI output(dual DVI output same image), it works with any brand of sender;
6. Supports creating, saving and recalling mode for different applications;
7. After installing Android extending board, it supports connecting phone and pad to display, which can be controlled by mouse.

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Weight11 kg

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