Magnimage LED-750H LED Video processor

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Mag LED-750H Video processor 2 DIV+ 2 HDMI + 1 DP input
4 DIV output Max 3840*2160 dots



Magnimage LED-750H LED Video processor

LED-750H customizes input/output resolution, and can realize point-to-point display of input and output.
Custom input/output resolution: The input of LED-750H can customize the resolution of DVI, HDMI and DP through EDID management function.
The output terminal provides up to 18 kinds of fixed resolution and supports custom output.
Accurate adjustment of arbitrary resolution can be achieved for point-to-point display of different size LED screens.

Magnimage 750H LED video wall processor


Magnimage 750H LED video wall processor

Technical Specification                                            

Input Indicators       

DVI21920×1080/60Hz and EDID
DP1Displayport 1.1,3840×1080/60Hz,3840×2160/30Hz and EDID
HDMI21920×1080/60Hz and EDID

Extend Input Indication

DVIDVI×11920×1080/60Hz and EDID
VGAVGA×1VESA standard
SDISDI×1480i/60Hz    576i/50Hz    720p/60Hz    1080i/60Hz/50Hz
1080p/60Hz/50Hz(3G SDI)
DP 1.1DP×1,DVI×13840×1080/60Hz,3840×2160/30Hz and EDID
HDMI 1.4HDMI×1,DVI×13840×1080/60Hz,3840×2160/30Hz and EDID

You can extend 2 x 2K inputs (VGA, DVI, SDI) or 1 x 4K input (DP1.1, HDMI1.4)


Output Indication



Resolution(single DVI output)

DVI2×21024×768/60Hz               1280×1024/60Hz            1024×768/120Hz
1280×720/60Hz               1440×900/60Hz               1600×1200/60Hz
1600×1200/60Hz- Reduced                                          1680×1050/60Hz
1920×1080/60Hz             1920×1080/50Hz            2176×1168/60Hz
1920×1200/60Hz             1936×1280/60Hz
2048×1152/60Hz             1024×1280/60Hz            1536×1536/60Hz
1280×720/59.94Hz         1920×1080/59.94Hz

The customize output resolution is 3840 for maximum width or 2160
for maximum height.

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