Novastar MRV206 LED Receiver Card

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  • Loads Capacity: 256×256 pixels.



Novastar MRV206 LED Receiver Card Specification

Novastar MRV206 LED Receiver Card max support 256*256 pixels.

MRV206 is the new receiver card from Nova, single card max support 256 x 256 pixels.


It has the follow up features:

  • Maximum load of 256 × 256 pixels
  • Supports up to 12 sets of RGB parallel data.
  • 6 standard HUB75 interfaces
  • Support for lighting chromaticity correction
  • Quickly bright and dark line adjustment on NovaLCT to eliminate
  • 3D function- With independent masters that support 3D capabilities, at NovaLCT or Turn on the 3D function on the operator panel of the main control and set the 3D parameters.
  • Loaded: − 192×256 (PWM IC); − 176×256 (General Purpose IC)


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Weight2 kg

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