Novastar NS060-5A Light Sensor

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  • Resolution :320*256 pixels



Novastar NS060-5A Light Sensor Details

  • The surface use aluminum alloy material and micro-arc oxidation to make it uvioresistant.
  • Deepen joint slot, to improve waterproof performence.


NS060 Connected with MFN300 multi-function card

NS060 connect with MFN300









  • Function: Environment brightness monitoring.
  • Can connect to receiver cards (MSD300, MCTRL300) or multifunctional cards (MFN300).
  • The cable of standard configuration is 5 meters.
  • With a special ordered cable, the working distance can be extended to up to 100 meters


 Nominal voltage5V DC
 Work temperature -20 +70
 Work humidity0%RH 99%RH
 Measurement brightness range0lux 65535lux
 Cable length5m NS060-5A

10m NS060-10A


Additional information

Weight3 kg

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