VDWALL LVP8601 Multi-window Sync Processor

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VDWALL LVP8601 Multi-window Sync Processor


VDWALL LVP8601 Multi-window Sync Processor

VDWALL LVP8601 HD Multi-Windows Sync Stitcher LED Video Processor,Professional Processor for Small Pixel Pitch LED Screen.

1. An all-in-one processor integratingmix matrix switching, pixel-to-pixel sync mosaic and multi-display
2. Inputs:HD+SD, analog+digital, totally 16 inputs including: CVBS x 4, VGA x 4, DVI x 4, SDI / HD-SDI x 4
3. Outputs:8 DVI FULL HD digitaloutputs, each with maximal resolution up to 1920 x 1080@60Hz
4.Synchronous mosaic technology: to realize mosaic processing of ultra HD video displayedby multi-display
graphics cardornetworking player
5. Supportszoom mosaicorpixel-to-pixel mosaic, single unit can maximumly support horizontal15360 pixels
or vertical 8640 lines
6.4-picture preview output
7.4K2Kultra high-definition dynamic background picture
8. Adopting crosspoint high bandwith and high daterate transmission technology
9. State-of-the-art motion adaptive de-interlacing technology: to eliminate trailing or jaggies of motion pictures
10.Seamless switchingorfade-in / fade-out switchingbetween any two input signals
11. Image and text overlap supported, AIAO ( Any In Any Out ) allows for displaying any captured picture in
any specific area on screen
12.Multiple pre-saved modessupported,Seamless switchingorfade-in / fade-out switchingbetween different
13. Convenient panel / RS232 / USB / LAN control and setup

Weight11 kg

Shipping & Packaging


  • 48 Hours Quick Lead Time. Customized Orders need to be negotiated.
  • DHL, FEDEX and UPS for you to get the package in 2 – 5 days.



Warranty & Returns


  • 2-3 Years Waranty.
  • All our LED products are CE, RoHs, UL approved.
  • For Modules in warranty years, you could send back the broken parts to repair. The shipping cost should be shared equally.

Return Policy

  • For Wrong dispatched order, please return the package, we’ll refund you the shipping freight and re-send the right model.
  • Wrong ordered caused by customers, customer need to pay the return freight himself.

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