VDWALL LVP909F WIFI LED Video Processor

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VDWALL LVP909F WIFI LED Video Processor



VDWALL LVP909F WIFI LED Video Processor

LVP909F indludes the WIFI Module, if you don;t want the WIFI module, you can choose LVP909.

1.Seamless switching,fade in fade out swtiching between any inputs. Multiple mixed analog and digital inputs including 2*Video、1*VGA、1*HDMI、1*DVI、1*SDI/HD-SDI/3G-SDI;
2.“TAKE” fast switching.
3.Four sets of preset PIP display mode: seamless or fade in fade out between modes switching.
4.windows in any size and overlay display. Display 4 input signals picture at the same time.Each picture size, position and overlay order are adjustable.
5.Preview monitor+sync monitor
6.Wi-Fi wirless control+ Wi-Fi video feedback monitor: Wi-Fi video feedback function is realized through installing APP software in handheld device to monitor input signals. Meanwhile,wireless Wi-Fi controls the device to switch signals and call modes.

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