What affect the service life of LED module?

What affects the service life of LED module?

Do you know how long the service life of LED modules is?

And what are the factors affecting its service life?

LED display module, like other electronic products, have a service life.

Although the theoretical service life of LED modules is about 100000 hours.

This means that the LED display module can work continuously for more than 11 years.

However, the practical situation is quite different from the theory.

According to statistics, the service life of LED display module on the market is generally 6~8 years.

Actually,the LED display module with a service life of more than 10 years is very rare.

And outdoor LED display module even has a shorter service life.

This article will introduce you why the theoretical lifetime of LED modules cannot be achieved in actual use, and what can we do to extend the service life of LED display modules.

Factor Ⅰ LED module Working Environment

1.Extreme temperature destroy LED module components

LED module as an integrated electronic product, it is mainly composed of IC, power supply, LED beads and so on.

All of these electronic components can be affected by temperature.

During the use of LED modules, the temperature changes caused by itself, as well as external environmental changes will become the cause of accelerated LED display module loss.

2.Dust can lead to LED module short circuits

Dust is everywhere and can have serious influences on LED display modules.

Dust deposition can affect the heat dissipation of electronic components, and leads to severe short circuits.

To avoid this situation, the best way is to keep the LED display module working environment clean.

But in real life,it’s hard to maintain a sterile, dust-free environment.

In this case,we can only clean and maintain the LED display module regularly.

3.Humidity has negative impacts on LED module

High humidity in the air will have a great negative impact on the service life of LED modules.

Water in the air will cause rust in the electronic components of the LED display module, or even make the components bulge or burst, which will directly cause the LED module scrap.

Factor Ⅱ Quality of LED module accessories

1.LED bead quality is crucial

LED beads are one of the relevant components that affect the service life of LED display modules.

For the quality of LED beads, there are mainly the following measurement indicators: attenuation characteristics, anti-vapor penetration characteristics, and anti-UV performance.

If a large number of LED beads whose performance assessment is not good enough are applied, it definitely will leads to a surge in the failure rate of LED modules.

Undoubtedly, the high failure rate will seriously affect the service life of the LED display module.

Therefore, if you want to have a long life LED module, you should not be careless in the selection of LED beads.


2.Quality of LED module accessories is vital

In addition to LED beads, the LED display module has many other accessories.

The high frequency of quality problems in any component will result in reducing LED module service life.

Therefore, we can not ignore the quality of every part, and reduce the frequency of maintenance or replacement.

Factor Ⅲ LED module Production Process

1.Production process should be anti-static

In the process of production, in order to ensure the quality of electronic components and reduce the failure rate in the future.

The factory needs to do anti-static work, such as wearing static rings, anti-static clothes, and choosing a dust-free workshop and production line.

This will not plant any hidden dangers in the future use of the product and extend the service life of the LED display module.

2.Aging test is essential for LED module

Aging test is a key part of product quality control.

Through aging test, manufacturers can find the hidden problems of LED display modules in time and improve the performance of LED display modules.

After the aging test, the stability of the LED module is guaranteed.

3. Use Package protects LED module

The package of the LED module plays an important role in shipping.

In order to avoid damage during transportation, wooden boxes are usually used for packaging.

We will also indicate fragile on the outside of the package.

In case of sea transportation, it is necessary to do a good job of anti-corrosion measures against hydrochloric acid.

Factor Ⅳ LED module Installation&Maintenance

1. Installation of LED module

Both the installation location and installation method have a great impact on the service life of LED display modules.

If the installation location is in an unstable environment, such as the presence of extreme weather, or the LED display is easily accessible to the public, then we need to choose LED modules with special protection capabilities.

During the installation process, the buyer needs to follow the instructions.

Any careless installation operation will adversely affect the use of the LED module.

If you do not know much about LED displays, it is not recommended that you use LED modules because the installation process is complicated.

Usually, the installation of LED cabinets is easier.

2. Maintenance of LED module

Regular maintenance of the LED display module is beneficial for its service life.

In addition to the need to troubleshoot, the LED module needs to be cleaned.

If you want to know how to clean the LED module, you can click here to read How to maintain the LED module?


After reading this article, you must feel that the life of an LED module is basically determined by the time it is produced.

We cannot choose the materials of the beads and accessories of the LED module, let alone manufacture it by ourselves.

But we can pick a suitable product!

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