Shipping News-December 13th, 2022

Weekly Shipping News

All customers please note that the shipping news is selected to show some of the shipped orders.

Please refer to your own logistics information,and do not consider this articl as your real logistics situation.

Shipping of December 9th

P5 Outdoor Module
Nationstar IC
Configuration file
PackingCarton packing
Delivery methodCustoms self-pickup

Your goods will receive professional protection and will not be damaged.

Shipping of December 10th

P8 outdoor standard waterproof cabinet
P8 outdoor module
Spare module
Sending card
Main Cable
Main network cable
Internal Over Wires
Fixing screws
Connection piece
Lamp IC Power cable
Network cable
Cable routing
PackingWooden box packaging
Delivery method

Customs pickup



We have a uniform standard for our packing process.

Shipping of December 11th

DestinationUnited States
P3.33 Outdoor iron box
Spare parts module
Sending card
Main Cable
Main Network Cable
Spare power supply
Spare Receiver Card
Fixing screw
Connection piece
Lamp IC
Power cord
Network cable
USB flash drive
Repair Tools
Configuration files
PackingWooden box packing
Delivery methodCustoms pickup

If you have any requirements for logistics, please communicate with us in advance when purchasing.

Shipping of December 12th

DestinationBosnia and Herzegovina
MA960D-P5 outdoor front maintenance
MA4480-P2.5Indoor front maintenance
P5 outdoor module
Outdoor spare module
p2.5 indoor module
Indoor spare module
Spare parts receiving card
Spare parts power supply
Spare fan
Main Cable
Main Network Cable
Internal Over Wires
Aero plug power cable
Aero-plug signal cable
Upper and lower connecting power cable
Upper and lower connection signal cable
Fixing screw + connection piece
Light IC
Power cable
Network cable
Line cable
Pre-maintenance tools
PackingWooden box packing
Delivery methodSea freight customs clearance out

We want to make every customer satisfied.

Shipping of December 13th

P1.538 indoor module
Power cord
Sending card
Receiving card
Color sheet
USB flash drive
Configuration file
PackingCarton packaging
Delivery methodExpress customs clearance out

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