Shipping News-December 6th, 2022

Shipping of Decmber 5th

Outdoor module
Row line
Power cord
PackingCarton packing
Delivery methodExpress

Shipping of December 4th

P2.5 indoor front service cabinet
Spare parts module
Spare power supply
Sending card
Main Cable
Main Network Cable
Fixing screws
Connection piece
Lamp IC
PackingWooden box packing
Delivery methodCustomer pickup and customs clearance

Shipping of December 3rd

Color Lineup
Power cable
Front service screw
PackingCarton packing
Delivery methodExpress self-pickup customs clearance out

Shipping of December 2nd

Outdoor p3.91 module
Spare module
Spare Receiver Card
Spare power supply
Spare HUB
Main Cable
Main Network Cable
Sending card
Aero Plug Power Cord
Aero-plug signal cable
Fixing screw
Connection piece
Lamp IC
Network cable
PackingWooden box packing
Delivery methodSea freight customs clearance out


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