LED wall, the secret to a successful wedding!

Led wall, the secret to a successful wedding!

The use of LED wall in weddings is a must.

Don’t believe me?

Stop your planning and let’s get to know the LED wall as a party magic tool first!

Part One What is A Wedding LED Wall?

The wedding LED wall is an excellent device for creating a romantic atmosphere for weddings.

Because LED screens can play text and even pictures and videos.

Therefore, the newlyweds can not only bring their creative ideas to life properly but also show their artistic tastes to the guests better.

Part Two What Can Led Wall Do for Your Wedding?

1.LED display screen represents luxury

Who would not want a classy wedding?

Some have a sufficient budget, however, somehow they can’t achieve the effect.

For those who do not have a big budget,  a perfect wedding is still expected.

Surprisingly LED wall is the best solution for you!

As we all know, dynamic objects always attract the attention of the crowd.

So LED wall at the wedding can usually attract most of the guests’ sight.

Besides, it is not difficult to understand that the content played on the LED display screen can even upgrade the class of your wedding!

2. LED display screen for creativity

A different wedding is always wanted!


But it seems that after reading many wedding planning schemes, it is discoured that all weddings are more or less the same.


The good news is LED screens can solve this problem very well.


Let’s get creative and use our love to make the wedding memorable!


3. LED display screen to create romance

What could be better than an LED wall to create romance?


We are sure everyone has attended a concert and enjoyed the atmosphere very much.


One of the key tools to create an atmosphere at a concert is the LED display screen.


So why don’t you learn from it for your wedding?


Let every guest fall in love with your party!


Part Three Why Choose LED Wall for Wedding ?

1. Handy

The wedding process bothers every couple, right?

There is always an endless amount of things to do and prepare

Even the things waiting to be installed can be piled up all over the venue.

Nevertheless, the installation of the LED wall is very easy

No special assistance is needed.

This will greatly improve the efficiency of wedding planning!!

2. Low cost

There are many options for the size and type of LED walls, and they are even available for customization.

So your wedding does not need to use a uniform product on the market, just find out the right LED display for your wedding and it will be perfect.

This avoids waste and effectively reduces costs.

3. Safety

Safety is always the most important factor for a successful event.


LED walls are usually waterproof and dustproof.


Good protection allows the LED display screen to work properly in most application scenarios.


The LED walls we ledcontrolcard  have a very high safety seriousness and are far ahead of their peers in terms of quality.


Product failure rate is very low and durable, and will not lay any hidden danger to your wedding.


(1) FPC

Part Four Classic Wedding LED Wall Solutions

For those who are unfamiliar with LED display cabinets, we will recommend the LED display box for you.

The cost is higher but easy to install.

What’s more, for people who have learned LED display screens, we will recommend an LED display module for you.

The cost is lower, but the installation is complicated, which will require the customer to have a richer experience in LED display installation, as well as a certain amount of labor assistance.

1. Classic Wedding LED Wall Solutions

  • The advantage of OEM steel cabinets is that they can be provided in custom sizes. The combination of modules of different sizes can fully meet the customer’s demand for any size.


  • OEM steel cabinets are relatively cheap and easy to install, which is one of the more cost-effective options.


  • The disadvantage is that it is very heavy and has poor heat dissipation, which requires further structural modifications.


  • There is an upper limit on screen clarity, and the pixel pitch cannot be lower than P2mm.
  • The magnesium alloy series is a good choice for those who don’t know much about LED displays.


  • The magnesium alloy series is maintained by magnetic modules, is easy to install, and is seamlessly spliced.


  • Magnesium alloy series are generally lighter in weight and support a variety of installation methods, such as wall-mounted, hanging, etc.


  • However, the size of the magnesium alloy series is fixed, so it may lead to comparatively higher costs.
  • Those who choose LED modules are generally those who have more knowledge about LED displays.


  • The biggest disadvantage of LED modules is that they are complicated to install and require experienced people to operate.


  • It is difficult to achieve seamless splicing.


  • But the price is low and the size is flexible

2. Recommended Products

  • 960*960mm LED Display Cabinet
  • High precision Magnesium Alloy Cabinet
  • Indoor & Outdoor is Available
  • Fixed Installation, Rental, or Perimeter Sports
  • Two Back cover colors available
  • Supports 3D Display


  • 640×480mm Size Cabinet
  • 320×160mm moduleSMD 3in 1 LED Encapsulation
  • technologyFrontal Service Design for Easy
  •  Installation
  • CE, RoHS, FCC Approved

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Part Five FAQs

Part Six Conclusion

We ledcontrolcard provide you with the perfect LED wall for your wedding!

 professional team to provide you with pre-sales and after-sales services, and that’s how we will satisfy you!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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